CA California is at a turning point as its historic cap and trade program is up for debate. The program, which sets a cap on carbon pollution and makes polluters pay, is set to sunset in 2020. Now, California lawmakers must decide whether the state will extend the program and make it even stronger, or take a step backward by letting it expire. Now more than ever, California must demonstrate to the world that it is moving FORWARD on climate. We can do this by passing two bills under consideration: AB 398 and AB 617. 

AB 398 will help us meet our targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by requiring companies to pay for their pollution and by reinvesting that money in local communities, energy efficiency, public transit, and clean energy. If passed, AB 398 will protect our air and create thousands of jobs in California.

AB 617 builds upon our polluters pay law by addressing local air pollution so that all Californians have access to the clean air they deserve. For the hundreds of thousands of kids in California with asthma, the improvements in air quality could be lifesaving.

Together, these two bills will result in healthier air, punish polluters who break our laws, and prove once again that California is a global leader in climate action. 

CALL YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBERS at 916-680-8119 and tell them to vote YES on AB 398 and AB 617. Once dialed, you will simply be asked for your zip code. If you want more information, please contact our National Field Organizer Tom Erb at

Our Climate does not believe that the proposed bills are perfect, but we recognize that compromise is necessary to make progress. We are committed to staying engaged throughout the program's implementation, to ensure that maximum emission reductions are achieved and that people are protected over profits.

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