Our Climate and #PutAPriceOnIt in the news! 

Let's #PutAPriceOnIt: The Case for Implementing a Carbon Tax. The Hill News; October, 2017. 

Bob Allen: Endorsing a price on carbon pollution. VT Digger; September, 2017. 

Climate change hurts our low income communities. San Francisco Examiner; September, 2017.  

Hurricane Harvey, Irma and climate change are sinking the future for millennials. Project Earth / Fusion; September, 2017.   

Student advocacy is a game-changer. The Daily Princetonian; August, 2017.  

Students organizing around carbon pricing. Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition; August, 2017. 

College Presidents Endorse Carbon Pricing to Fight Climate ChangePhiladelphia Inquirer; August, 2017. 

Activist Tom Erb is Lobbying to End Climate Change. Study Break; August, 2017. 

Massachusetts Carbon Pricing Campaign Reaches Key Decision Point. Clean Technica; June 2017. 

Climate change not a political issue, but real threat regardless of political affiliation. Statesman Journal & USA Today; June 2017. 

A Conservative Answer on Climate Change. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; May 2017. 

Put A Price On It: Combating Climate Change with Carbon Taxation. Resilience; May 2017. 

How to chill with your elected rep and talk a li'l climate policy. Grist; May 2017. 

D.C. Coalition pushes innovative plan to cut emissions and protect most vulnerable residents. Think Progress; May 2017. 

Fordham Signals Support for Carbon Pricing. Fordham News; May 2017. 

President Ask for Carbon Pricing. Inside Higher Ed; May 2017. 

Can Colleges Create a Climate for Pricing Carbon? Huffington Post; May 2017. 

CC Divest Triumphs with “Put a Price on It."  College Voice; May 2017. 

Loyola, It's Time to Put A (Carbon) Price on our Future. Loyola Phoenix; April 2017. 

Conn College signs carbon tax endorsement letter. The Day; April 2017. 

Youth demand climate action. The Vermont Conversation; April 2017. 

Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi Joins Bard CEP to Talk Price on Carbon. Bard College; April 2017. 

Hundreds of students take part in Youth Lobby Day at Vermont Statehouse. WCAX; April 2017.  

Boston students come together to fight climate change. Daily Free Press; April 2017. 

Trump Tower teach-ins highlight the often perilous state of publicly-owned private spaces. Architect's Newspaper; April 2017. 

Students take carbon pricing debate to Trump's door. E&E News; April 2017. 

Conn College being asked to endorse carbon tax. The Day; April 2017. 

This 12-year old boy has powerful message. Mic; April 2017. 

A climate change lesson for President Trump from inside his New York home. Fusion; April 2017. 

Will millennials support a carbon price? Yale Climate Connections; April 2017. 

Camila Thorndike and Page Atcheson are pushing a simple climate solution. Grist; March 2017. 

#PutAPriceOnIt: Students Bring Carbon Tax to Campus. Fordham Observer; February 2017. 

Actors and celebrities have a duty to speak out on politics. Time Magazine; December 2016.  

A Real Solution to YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY? How a Documentary Series Is Mobilizing Millennials to #PutAPriceOnItCenter for Media and Social Impact; November 2016. 

9 Reasons Millennials Want To Put A Price On Carbon. Buzzfeed; November 2016. 

Student climate change activists deserve support and action for carbon pricing campaign. Huffington Post; November 2016. 

Here's one effective solution to climate change: Put a price on carbon. Tree Hugger; November 2016. 

Can you stop global warming AND get spoon-fed mayonnaise until your heart stops? Grist; September 2016. 

Jack Black and Cecily Strong want to put a price on carbon. Think Progress; August 2016. 

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