Our Climate's journey began in Oregon (you can read about it here), and we remain committed to getting strong and fair carbon pricing legislation over the finish line. We are working closely with the Renew Oregon coalition and mobilizing our Oregon members to take advantage of every opportunity to show legislators that the time to #PutAPriceOnIt is now. 

June 12th, 2017: The Last Clean Energy Jobs Bill Hearing. Join us!

People's Climate March 2017

The Our Climate team will be at the People's Climate March in Portland, in addition to D.C. RSVP via Facebook here!


Youth Lobby Day 2017


Our Climate hosted a Youth Lobby Day in Salem, OR on April 12th for our Youth Lobby Day, co-hosted with Renew Oregon. Nearly 50 students attended and 34 legislator meetings where held! 2017 is the year for bold state leadership! Email cassidy@ourclimate.us if you have any questions.


There are multiple bills under consideration that would price and cap carbon pollution; this Oregon Public Broadcasting article has an overview of each bill (and a quote from our youngest volunteer, Jeremy Clark!). 

Check out our testimony from the March 1st joint committee hearing in support of SB 557 and HB 2135


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