The Movement


In partnership with the Emmy-award winning documentary series, Years of Living Dangerously, in summer 2016 we launched the national Put A Price On It campaign. The goal of the campaign is to put a price on carbon pollution by mobilizing the support of generations most affected by climate change: young people. The campaign elevates the importance of carbon pricing through innovative communications tactics (film, social media, and celebrity endorsements), while empowering students across the country to directly lobby their members of Congress and build a groundswell of support from young voters.

The Put A Price On It campaign is growing fast, as more and more young people recognize that this is the time to act on climate, and their voices are powerful. We currently have student leaders in 25 states, who are working together to engage their peers, secure university endorsements, and lobby their representatives. We publish our stories, highlight celebrity endorsements, and use creative events to recruit new supporters to the campaign.  We are young, passionate, and won’t stop until we #PutAPriceOnit. Join us!