2018: The year we went all in.

We are so excited to share Our Climate’s 2018 Annual Report with you. It has been a transformative year for our organization, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve done together. We hope you’ll take a moment to read it, celebrate our accomplishments, and consider supporting Our Climate as we gear up to win state-level climate policy in 2019.


As we reflect on the past year, here are a few things we're most proud of:  

  • Efforts to win state-level carbon pricing advanced significantly, setting us up well for 2019 legislative sessions. How did we do it?! In Massachusetts, our Youth Lobby Day brought 50 young constituents to Boston with an art installation that made waves in the Capitol. Our New York Fellows delivered hundreds of students’ letters to state lawmakers, urging them to support strong climate policy. In all of our target states, we published op-eds, created videos (including interviews with legislators and some sillier ones), organized community events, knocked our neighbors’ doors, the list goes on!

  • Through campus workshops, statewide summits, and online trainings, we trained 1,400 students to effectively advocate for climate policy—and equitable carbon pricing specifically. We hit the road in upstate New York to hold a series of campus workshops. We held webinars with experts on communications, climate policy, and internal carbon pricing programs. Our Florida campaign launched with a full-day training that drew 40 students ready to #PutAPriceOnIt. We shared a lot, learned even more, and our network of thoughtful young policy leaders grew by magnitudes.

  • We kicked off our Washington State program in January with a Climate Leadership Summit that drew 70 students from across the state—and then we got to work in an effort to pass the country’s first carbon fee. Although the oil industry spent $31 million to defeat the initiative, we mobilized thousands of young voters in support of carbon pricing policy. Our team knocked over 5,000 doors, called 2,200 voters, sent more than 20,000 texts and held over 30 outreach events in communities across Washington. There is no question: young people want bold climate action. The oil industry’s opposition only fired us up more.

It’s been a big year for us, and we are so grateful that you’ve been a part of it. We hope you’ll take the time to read our Annual Report, celebrate with us, and consider supporting our work as we head into 2019. We are well positioned to win powerful state-level climate policy, but it will require targeted and creative organizing. Your end-of-year gift will ensure that we can hit the ground running, support our rockstar student leaders, and make 2019 the year we win on climate.

Thank you! 

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