Alumni Advisory Board

Our Climate's Alumni Advisory Board is comprised of members of Our Climate's two established committees, focusing on policy and development. The Policy Committee and Development Committee provide deeper insight, reflection, and learning towards specific areas of our work, while contributing to the organization's larger goals. 

Learn about other Alumni Opportunities on our general Alumni page.

Policy Committee

Our Climate’s Policy Committee serves to help staff make informed decisions on proposed carbon pricing legislation at the local, state, and federal level and evaluate the Our Climate Policy Principles when appropriate. The committee’s primary goal is to provide short synopsis’ of policy proposals. For each piece of legislation, the committee will provide a summary of the policy design, political factors, and external organizations’ arguments for and against the bill, while evaluating each through an equity lens throughout the process.

Development Committee

The Our Climate Development Committee gives young leaders tangible experience in organizational development. Committee members assist in grant writing, editing, soliciting donations, helping build our grassroots donor program, and providing additional feedback on our fundraising work. Committee members do not meet regularly. They are called upon when a member of the Our Climate team solicits their assistance through the OC Development Google Group list-serv and can give as much time as they are able.

Field Advisors Committee

Our Climate field advisors support Our Climate Fellows as they begin their Fellowship. The committee’s primary goal is to provide weekly support for a Fellow in a region close to them. Whether it’s troubleshooting organizing a panel or leading a lobby meeting with new volunteers, Field Advisors will serve as an invaluable peer mentor to Fellows. This committee is a part of the Millennial Advisory Board. The intended outcome of this committee is to create a culture of mentorship and to build a more robust leadership experience within Our Climate’s programs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan Committee Committee

Our Climate's DEI Action Plan committee is currently writing and supporting the implementation of Our Climate's first DEI Action Plan. This committee is made up of 6 students from diverse socioeconomic, racial, gender, ability, and political backgrounds. In addition to these students, there is one representative from the Board of Directors and one full time and one part time representative from the Our Climate Staff. The committee is facilitated by the Deputy Director. At this time, we are not accepting new members onto this committee. 

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact Cassidy Jones at 

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