A WIN (and a sign of how far we have to go) in MA!

Eben Bein, Our Climate's New England Field Coordinator, and summer intern Urvi Gipstein, a rising senior at Boston Latin School, share a big win on Environmental Justice and some important lessons learned from an intense week in Massachusetts politics.

Meet Our Climate's New Executive Director!

After an extensive search, we are humbled and excited to introduce Jasmine Sanders as our new Executive Director. Jasmine brings tremendous experience managing strategic initiatives, an outstanding track record in financial management, board development skills, and an impressive academic background in climate science. 

May 2020 Newsletter

Over the past several months, Our Climate youth have been a beacon of hope. Whether it's adjusting to virtual lobby meetings, holding new national webinars, or planning our first voter registration campaign, their passion inspires our team to focus on advancing climate policies and fighting for justice in our communities. Read on to learn more about their exciting work and ways to be part of an action-packed summer.

Our Climate Stands in Solidarity With the Black Lives Matter Movement

Our Climate stands in solidarity with those across the world who are standing up to systematic racism and police brutality. We remain committed to fighting for racial justice in our work and empowering young people to do the same in their communities.

Report Cards for Legislators

Solly Chase (left) and Aislyn Jewett (right) are Field Representatives from western Massachusetts, shown here testifying to the committee where our target legislation is stuck. They, along with MA Fellow Benny Smith, have spearheaded a very creative way to share their hours of research on Massachusetts' most powerful decision-makers. 

COVID-19 Is Not the Only Global Disaster We Are Facing

Samantha Wong is a Junior at Binghamton University pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science and minor in Geographic Information Systems. She is interested in the global impact of climate change, especially in urban areas. Additionally, she is excited to learn more about environmental policy and how students can advocate for change which led her to Our Climate. In her free time Samantha likes to swim, watch TV, and cook.


Climate Change and COVID-19: Parallel Crises

Erin Zipman is a high school senior on Long Island. She is looking forward to studying Communications and Environmental Studies in college, and to learn more about social justice. She has begun organizing with other young people in her community. With the help of Our Climate, Erin is excited to learn about her place in the environmental movement, how to take action and also elevate the voices of others. In her free time, she enjoys biking, reading, painting and drawing. 


Another world is possible: Earth Day 2020

Last week’s 50th anniversary of Earth Day fell at a time when our world was upended, with a global pandemic altering life as we’ve known it. Thousands of lives have been prematurely cut short, 22 million Americans face unemployment, and daily routines have changed dramatically with no end in sight. In such a dire and unprecedented situation, it is easy to wish for a return to normalcy. But the truth is that our planet, our communities, and our bodies cannot afford business as usual any longer. 

Making a Difference in Times of Isolation

Ian Curtis is a first-year student studying political science at Willamette University. Ian has interned with Ron Wyden, served as Executive Director of the Oregon Youth Legislative Initiative on Climate Justice and currently works with Renew Oregon and does communications for Deb Patterson’s state senate campaign. In addition to his environmental activism, Ian runs cross-country and track for Willamette.


An Ode To Anti-Ageism in a Time of COVID and Climate Change

Eben Bein is the New England Field Coordinator. He previously taught biology in public and private schools in MA and NH, and is currently quarantined in his childhood intergenerational cohousing neighborhood with his two parents, brother, and cat. FB/T: @beinology

* The following photos of intergenerational cooperation at Our Climate events were taken by New England Field Representative Elisa Figueras and older ally Susan Yao.