Why You NEED to Know About Carbon Pricing

Yuna Sato is an activist and student at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts. She is an active member of BHS environmental action.

Our Climate Statement on MARKET CHOICE ACT

Congress is weighing the MARKET CHOICE ACT, which was introduced today to put a price on carbon.  

Today is the day! #YouthStepUp

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the #YouthStepUp Climate Contest. We want you to be the first to know about it.

This September, climate leaders from government, business, and civil society will convene at the landmark Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Their goal? To celebrate the achievements we've made in respect to climate action, and launch deeper commitments and accelerated action to prevent the worst effects of a warming world. Will you answer their call to "take ambition to the next level"?

We've won the Keeling Curve Prize!

We have exciting news to share!  Our Climate’s campaign to #PutAPriceOnIt has won the Keeling Curve Prize.

The Prize, named after the graph showing the increasing concentration of heat-trapping emissions, recognizes “the most promising projects that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase carbon uptake.”  By empowering young people to win carbon pricing policy, we are accelerating the transition to clean energy while supporting the next generation of climate leaders.  We are so grateful for YOU for being part of this youth-led movement.

Put A Price On It Full Force at CCL Policy Camp!

Sarah is currently taking time off their undergraduate degree at Bennington College in southern Vermont to work as Our Climate’s Northeast Field Organizer. After starting as a fellow with OC in the fall of 2016, Sarah moved into a part-time role in VT, and now works full-time with their millennial, all-femme leadership team.

We need your support to win.

Since I became an Our Climate Fellow in January, I’ve met hundreds of students in Washington State who are eager to work towards bold climate solutions. Through the fellowship, I’ve witnessed the crucial determination of people behind a movement, and learned how to have my voice heard. I now feel less alone in my cause, and this solidarity gives me courage to advocate for my future. 

Climate Change and Identity

Nawon is one of Our Climate's fellows. She is a student at the University of Washington working towards a degree in Environmental Studies.

Schools Speaking Up For Climate Action

We are the generation that will bear the burden of our federal government’s inaction on climate change. Please speak up for us!

We have the technology and the scientific understanding to solve this climate crisis. We know that acting sooner, rather than later makes economic sense. All that we lack is political will. Your voices can help generate political will to solve climate change. Please speak up!

Promoting Global Climate Action on the Scale Required


The Impact of Climate Change on my Home

Ana is part of Our Climate's Fellowship Program. She is a senior at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.