Connect the Dots: Climate Change and Agriculture

Leyana is a senior at Sarah Lawrence College in New York State, where she studies Spanish and environmental science/policy, among other eclectic topics. She was active in the anti-hydrofracking movement in NY as a high school student, and continues to be involved in environmental and social justice organizing in college. She is excited about using public policy to fight climate change.

Follow the Fellows: Grace Debunks Everyday Climate Change Myths


 Grace Galletti is a sophomore at Brown University, majoring in Environmental Engineering. She grew up in Paris, France and is passionate about environmental sustainability. As an international student, she realizes the global extent of climate change. She believe's this is the biggest and most pressing issue that humankind is facing. As an environmental engineer, she hopes to create solutions to environmental problems. However, technology can only bring us so far, which is why she is very excited to work on the campaign to put a price on carbon. In her free time, she loves to do gymnastics, go rock climbing and be a part of the Brown Outing Club.

Follow the Fellows: The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated

headshot.jpgShana Gallagher believes that climate change is the most urgent and pressing problem that faces every single one of us, no matter our backgrounds or personalities or location on the globe, and that environmental organizing needs to become more mainstream. To address this crisis, we're all going to need to get behind bold and effective policies, like a price on carbon. More importantly, she understands that the biggest obstacle to a clean energy future is the power of the fossil fuel industry, and that a price on carbon is one of the few remedies to this reality. Shana's drive to protect the planet comes from a lifelong awe and admiration for the oceans, but she now focuses on making general environmental organizing accessible for everyone. She is a rising senior at Tufts University, studying Biology and Environmental Studies.