Put A Price On It Full Force at CCL Policy Camp!

Sarah is currently taking time off their undergraduate degree at Bennington College in southern Vermont to work as Our Climate’s Northeast Field Organizer. After starting as a fellow with OC in the fall of 2016, Sarah moved into a part-time role in VT, and now works full-time with their millennial, all-femme leadership team.

It’s not often that a group of 80 people, half under 25, the other half over 55 get together to talk about a common goal, but our team recently had an experience that achieved just that. Two weeks ago, Our Climate Staff, a handful of Massachusetts Put A Price On It Fellows, and 40 new Put A Price On It leaders gathered in Washington D.C. to learn about the intricacies of carbon pricing policy alongside Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). While there are some young people involved with CCL, this was a huge step in getting more youth representation in conversations about carbon pricing and climate policy more broadly. Speaking with folks that have attended the camp before, as well as first-timers confirmed that the youth takeover was constructive and clear to see. Below are some testimonials from young people at the camp:

Claire Halloran, MIT student, PAPOI Fellow, and workshop facilitator describes her experience at the Policy Camp: “The CCL Advanced Policy Bootcamp was an awesome opportunity to deepen my knowledge of climate policy by learning from experts alongside other passionate environmental advocates. This conference also gave me the chance to share my own expertise by facilitating the Climate Justice workshop, which was an empowering experience. 

“It was inspiring to see so many other young people at the conference who are equipped to advocate for crucial environmental policy. I am grateful for the scholarship program, without which I and many of my peers would not have this opportunity to grow as an environmental advocate."


Sarah Fadem, Northeast field Organizer with Our Climate, and student at Bennington College reflects: “Navigating intergenerational spaces as a young climate leader is always an interesting and challenging experience, being that I, and other youth activists and organizers, have little experience compared to the decades that many CCLers have racked up, but also have some semblance of authority or at least expertise in the room. Sharing knowledge, stories and ideas across these lines proved to be generative and powerful for myself and many others that I spoke with at the camp

“Fellows Gari, Claire and myself opened up the 3-day event with a Climate Justice Workshop, a new addition to the CCL Policy Camp, as an introduction to a possible lens to scrutinize policy with. The workshop had participants meeting new people, talking about identities, and scrutinizing their own work; throughout the camp, participants referenced our workshop while making thoughtful points about designing climate policy.”


Destiny Loyd, recent graduate of University of Georgia and CCL member shares that she “was not entirely sure what to expect at the climate policy camp, but it was reassuring to have many other people there around my age that were  either still in school or recent graduates who were all as passionate and focused as I was on learning more about addressing our climate challenges through policy.”

Katy Swiere, who joined us from Pomona College in California, said, “policy camp was an amazing experience. I was able to meet people who were interested in similar subjects as I am, and talk about complicated issues with students of ALL ages-- something I am not able to do often at my college. Being able to delve into climate policy was interesting and enlightening, and it has given me strength to continue my educational journey studying climate policy and trying to make a difference.

Chris D’Agostino, a recent graduate of Brandeis University, singer/songwriter and Our Climate Fellow tells us: "I really enjoyed the Advanced Policy Camp. Sharing ideas with like-minded activists and listening to presentations that challenged my preexisting beliefs made the experience worthwhile."


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