Young leaders call for Oregon Senate President to stand up to fossil fuel funded Republican minority

As young Oregonians directly threatened by the climate crisis, we are outraged that Senate President Peter Courtney has caved to Republican demands and plans to walk away from the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020). Young constituents deserve leaders who fight for their interests and do not back down when things get tough. We deserve to know where our elected leaders stand, and who they represent. For this reason, we demand a full Senate floor vote on Clean Energy Jobs this legislative session. 

Our Climate's young leaders have been organizing their communities across the state and advocating for comprehensive climate legislation like HB 2020 since 2014. As an organization that is dedicated to engaging youth in the democratic process, what has unfolded in Oregon since Thursday is of grave concern to us. It is profoundly disturbing that the Democratic leaders of the Senate would allow elected officials to prevent a vote by capitulating to their violent threats and immoral absence from the Capitol. It will set a dangerous precedent and erode our democracy at a time when democratic institutions are needed more than ever to avert catastrophic climate change. It must stop here. 

We applaud our elected leaders who are fighting for our future and holding strong against intimidation tactics. We look forward to seeing a full Senate floor vote on the #CleanEnergyJobs bill, and we expect our representatives to vote YES to protect the future of all Oregonians and generations to come.

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