Our Climate Fellows

Summer 2018 Northwest Fellows

Jacob Huskey


Jacob is a senior at the University of Washington’s Program on the Environment, pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Oceanography. Jacob is working with Our Climate because he wants to do everything I can to get I-1631 implemented in Washington. He studied the initiative in one of his environmental communications classes and learned how this initiative reaches further than previous attempts to put a price on carbon and brings forward the voices of underrepresented communities, indigenous people, laborers, farmers, and all Washingtonians affected by changing climate. Jacob enjoys working with Our Climate because it actively works to allow his voice as a young environmentalist and as a college student to contribute to this important effort. In the future he hopes to pursue a career in either environmental urban planning or environmental innovation and entrepreneurship.

Christine Van Winkle-Shaw

Christine Van Winkle-Shaw (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington intending to double-major in Politics and Spanish. She first became involved with Our Climate through their Climate Leadership Summit; this inspired her to take on a more direct role in the organization and become a climate leader in her community. She has seen firsthand the negative impacts of climate change, taking action to mitigate its effects is not simply a want, but a need. In the future, she aspires to become either an environmental or immigration lawyer; she has also considered running for a political office. She knows that in ten years, regardless of the career path she chooses, she will continue to fight for the environment and for the beautiful state that she calls home.

Taylor Brown

Taylor recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Environmental Studies. Having grown up in the Rogue Valley and studying nestled between the Bellingham Bay and the base of the Northern Cascades, Taylor is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. The geography and culture has played a large role in shaping who Taylor is and what she loves. Taylor now lives in Portland and is working on Initiative 1631 in Washington State to put a price on carbon!

Luis Diaz

Luis is a junior at the University of Washington and is studying medical anthropology & global health and looking to apply for Physician Assistant grad school.  

This is Luis’ first year being involved with Our Climate, he became very interested in it when he attended a meeting. Luis took notice that we need to all be worried more about the people who affect our environment not only because it destroys our planet but also affects the lives of those who are the most vulnerable. These are young children and the elderly. Being a certified nursing assistant, Luis has to help out the elderly with daily activity and believes that if we don't stop people from polluting our earth elderly people will be the ones who will be affected the most. On top of being a fellow, Luis is coordinating a bike ride know as Cycle For Charvat to raise money for young adults with cancer. This year he am coordinating the trip from Seattle to San Francisco in hopes to raise $20,000. Last year he was able to raise $10,000 with bike ride around Washington.

Kevin Hagen

Kevin uses he/they pronouns and is a freshman at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Kevin is studying philosophy with an interest in other fields such as economics & sociology. He decided to join Our Climate because he cares about the environment, wanted to put his time to use, and seek to learn more about climate change & the political process. In ten years Kevin sees himself either in Information Technology or as a professor and writer. Kevin hopes to be more involved in activism and to continue to learn more about the world!

Amanda Nee

Amanda is from Fairwood, Washington and currently studies Geography at Dartmouth College. Amanda believes the climate change is the greatest threat to her generation’s safety and security. The same love of the Earth and its inhabitants that drives her study has prompted her to take action against climate change in order to help preserve the world for the future.


Summer 2018 Northeast Fellows

Grace Mungenast 

Grace is an undergraduate student studying microbiology at the University of Vermont. She also helps out on the business team of the student-run environmental magazine Headwaters, and volunteers for FeelGood, student-run fundraising efforts that sell grilled cheese sandwiches and donate the proceeds to organizations that fight world poverty. When not studying, she enjoys reading, playing viola, and nature photography.

Trilok Polavaram

Trilok grew up in Maine, where he was surrounded by nature from childhood. His first forays into fighting climate change occurred in high school, when he joined the environmental club. He persistently attended events throughout high school and continued this trend at Tufts University, where he currently studies. He believes environmental policy change is the most effective way to combat climate change, and maintain nature’s beauty for future generations.

Kaitlyn Mangelinkx

Kaitlyn Mangelinkx is a rising sophomore at Northeastern University, studying biology and political science. She is originally from the New London, CT area. Kaitlyn is passionate about social activism and advocating for fair and equitable policy. On campus, she is the Head of Activism for a theatre group called Acting Out, which uses theatre to promote social justice and a variety of advocacy topics. She is excited to spend this summer working to promote carbon pricing from a social justice standpoint. In her free time she enjoys knitting and learning ASL.

Adela Miller

Adela Miller  grew up just outside Boston, in Newton, Massachusetts. She always loved spending time outside. When she was little, she spent my summers at various nature camps, hiking on the weekends. She still spends quite a lot of time outdoors, though she doesn’t have the same clean conscious that she had as a little kid. She’s very aware, now, of the environmental issues plaguing the beautiful New England habitats she spent much of her childhood exploring. Climate change is going to change everything we know and love, if we don’t start making drastic institutional changes. As a Environmental Studies major at the University of Vermont, she hope to use what she learns in school to help halt the destruction of the planet.

Patrick Wang

Patrick Wang is originally from Beijing, China. He is studying International Environmental Economics and Psychology now at Tufts University. He started caring about our environment because he witnessed the clear blue sky of Beijing gradually disappearing. Solving the universal issue of climate change became his goal ever since then. Step by step, he hopes his dedication can make an impact in the world.


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