Field Representatives

Florida Field Representatives

Emma Jacobs

Emma is a junior at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with an Environmental Science and Policy major, concentration in Sustainability, and double minor in Geospatial Science and Geography. She has held the position of Vice Chair of the Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF) at her college since 2018 and is a member of many other sustainability organizations on campus and in the community. She spends most of her time managing SGEF and is working on a project to get a biodigester to eliminate food waste at her school. Emma enjoys trying new vegan foods, studying abroad, and spending time with her 4 dogs. She is extremely passionate about the environment, and tries to apply sustainability to every aspect of her life.


Mackenzie Jackson

Mackenzie Jackson attends Hillsborough Community College in Ybor City, Florida. She has been a member of Students for the Environment at HCC Brandon campus for two years for which she volunteers weekly at the campus food forest. Mackenzie wants to help the the environment in any way she can, and was convinced to join Our Climate after an event at her school. Once she obtains her Associates degree she plans to go to the University of North Florida where she will study Marine Biology and Environmental Science.


David Roundtree

David is the President of SFE (Students For the Environment) at Hillsborough Community College - Dale Mabry Campus. He is a first time college student pursuing an AS Degree in Paralegal Studies and plans to open a Legal Aid office with the mission of helping the local community with legal issues and general advice. David has been concerned about the environment and environmental issues all my life. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, David has witnessed the impacts of climate change and destruction to our environment that has caused the disappearance of birds, wildlife, and aquatic species. His goal is to help raise awareness for this serious situation that we all face and find solutions we can implement to curve or eliminate our carbon footprint in the future.


Dayna Lazarus

Dayna Lazarus is a climate justice-focused community organizer in Tampa Bay, a member of the Citizen Advisory Committee for the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization, a Graduate Assistant at the Center for Urban Transportation Research, and a graduate student in the Urban and Regional Planning program at USF. Her focus is on equitable, sustainable transportation development and improving public participation processes in local government. 


Sangram Karande

Sangram S Karande is a Florida Field Representative for Our Climate in Tampa. He is an international student with a Master’s in Global Sustainability (Concentration: Sustainable Business) from University of South Florida and has completed his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from India.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why -Mark Twain.” This quote has been his driving force since undergrad and has given shape to his purpose in life. Most people go about their lives without finding their “why”, he found his “why” in pursuing his passion for Sustainability and helping people lead a Sustainable lifestyle. 

He has been volunteering by helping people and has shared his knowledge about Sustainability and Climate Change through his Facebook group page – “Greener Minds” and “The Greener Mind”. 


New York Field Representatives

Cosima Balletti-Thomas

Cosima Balletti-Thomas is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Urban Studies and Philosophy. She has always felt a deep connection with animals and nature, exercising her passion through volunteering and raising money for various organizations since she was in elementary school where she started a small business selling accessories constructed out of recycled material and donated the profits to the same shelter from which she adopted her pets. She is currently in the process of writing her senior thesis on New York City's mission of sustainability and climate change resiliency through environmental policy and design. Post graduation, she intends to go on to law school for Environmental Law and ultimately hopes to use her experience and degrees to work alongside policy makers, urban designers and environmental organizations to not only promote sustainability and combat global climate change, but to also hold people, corporate juggernauts, and even entire cities and states accountable for negligence towards the environment.


Natalia Romanzo

Natalia is a senior at Binghamton University studying Environmental Law and Policy and Spanish. Next year she will start her Master of Science in Sustainable Communities. She has spent the past year and a half researching a method to locate undocumented methane-emitting oil and gas wells in New York State. She is also secretary and chair of the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) Binghamton Chapter. Natalia is passionate about pursuing a career in climate justice to bridge the gap between science and policy. She looks forward to working with Our Climate to pursue environmental activism on a local, state and national level.

Maya Navabi

Maya Navabi is currently a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York pursuing a BSE in Mechanical Engineering. On campus, as chairperson of the Student Sustainability Task Force, she hopes to raise interest and participation in sustainability and create a greater change in her community, with a special focus on environmental justice. Hailing all the way from Tucson, Arizona, in the unique Sonoran Desert, she grew up learning about water scarcity in school and the importance of conservation. Through Our Climate, she hopes to learn valuable skills to use in her community to help combat climate change from every angle.
In her free time, Maya enjoys doing sound for local shows and spending time with her friends.

Connor McMurray Haseley

Connor is committed to fighting climate change on a number of fronts. He previously worked on urban climate policy at ICLEI in South Korea; at the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law; and at City Atlas, where he designed and marketed a climate-centric board game. He is a senior at Columbia University studying Political Science; he intends to pursue a career in climate law.

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