Field Representatives

Florida Field Representatives

Victoria Calas

Victoria is a biomedical science major at the University of South Florida. Her goal is to become an advocate for animal conservation, raise awareness, and use her creativity to come up with solutions to avert animal suffering. She aspires to reach these goals by becoming a zoological veterinarian working abroad in the field. She would like to assist with international research surrounding conservation and animal rights. Her plan is to become a political activist, educator, and public speaker. She wants to propose solutions to prevent animals from having to face endangering situations or extinction. In support of a career path that involves helping animals, she dedicates most of her time coming up with ways to lessen our carbon footprint, whether it be at work or within her friends and family. At work, Victoria made over 30 reusable cups, laminated regularly used papers, and has become a volunteer coordinator (where she organizes coworkers to gather to plant trees and participate in beach cleanups). She is frequently an inspiration to others to live more sustainable lifestyles.


Denise Esquibel-Rangel


Denise is a junior at the University of South Florida pursuing her Bachelors in Communication and Environmental Policy. She started her summer by taking a trip to Washington D.C. for a policy camp offered by Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) and Our Climate, in addition, she participated in the 10th Anniversary Lobby Day for CCL. She is a climate advocate and expects to use her communications degree to reach out to her community and policy makers to pass bold legislation that preserves a livable world.


Andres Leotaud

Andres Leotaud is a sophomore currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. He is passionabte about green energy and sustainability. Therefore, climate action is primary goal he feels strongly about. He recently attended the policy camp for Citizens' Climate Lobby in DC and on campus is a member of the Solar Energy Society and Student Government Association. 


Maria Lorena Morales Ferrebus

Maria Lorena was born and raised in Venezuela, where she was fortunate to connect with nature at a young age. In 2015, Maria and her family moved to the United States to start a new life. Maria is currently a senior in college studying Business Analytics and Information Systems with a minor in Environmental Policy at the University of South Florida. It was at this institution where she found her passion for helping to solve the climate crisis and became involved with Citizens' Climate Lobby and Our Climate. Maria is a rising campus leader and climate advocate. She is actively working on launching the Climate Action Coalition at her school, a student organization to empower USF students to take action on climate change. 

Emma Jacobs

Emma is a junior at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with an Environmental Science and Policy major, concentration in Sustainability, and double minor in Geospatial Science and Geography. She has held the position of Vice Chair of the Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF) at her college since 2018 and is a member of many other sustainability organizations on campus and in the community. She spends most of her time managing SGEF and is working on a project to get a biodigester to eliminate food waste at her school. Emma enjoys trying new vegan foods, studying abroad, and spending time with her 4 dogs. She is extremely passionate about the environment, and tries to apply sustainability to every aspect of her life.


Dayna Lazarus

Dayna Lazarus is a climate justice-focused community organizer in Tampa Bay, a member of the Citizen Advisory Committee for the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization, a Graduate Assistant at the Center for Urban Transportation Research, and a graduate student in the Urban and Regional Planning program at USF. Her focus is on equitable, sustainable transportation development and improving public participation processes in local government. 


Sangram Karande

Sangram S Karande is a Florida Field Representative for Our Climate in Tampa. He is an international student with a Master’s in Global Sustainability (Concentration: Sustainable Business) from University of South Florida and has completed his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from India. Most people go about their lives without finding their “why”, he found his “why” in pursuing his passion for Sustainability and helping people lead a Sustainable lifestyle. 

He has been volunteering by helping people and has shared his knowledge about Sustainability and Climate Change through his Facebook group page – “Greener Minds” and “The Greener Mind”. 


New York Field Representatives

Hannah Paolucci

Hannah Paolucci is a junior at Skidmore College pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Political Science and Business, passionate about pursuing a career at the intersection of science and policy. She grew up in the rural town of Alexander, NY and has held close the importance of nature and conservation for a long time. Looking for some bottom-up work, she’s gotten her boots on the ground advocating for climate justice with NY Renews and PUSH Buffalo, and working as an environmental technician at her neighboring county health department for a better foundation in science. Through Our Climate, she looks forward to continuing to give power to the people at community and regional levels in the fight to achieve a sustainable future.

Arianna Reyes

Arianna is a rising sophomore at Binghamton University, currently double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She was born and raised in New York City and recognized early how climate change effects everyone, even in the most urban of cities where greenery is rare. As a budding political activist, she firmly believes that environmental policy should be considered top priority across the country, which made her truly appreciate the work Our Climate has strived towards. In her free time, Arianna enjoys debating, writing, swimming, spending time in local shops and playing with her dog.


Monique Vavro

Monique is a rising junior at Binghamton University. She is pursuing a major in environmental policy and a minor in spanish. Monique grew up and currently lives on Long Island. Being constantly surrounded by beaches and the ocean is what initially sparked her passion for the environment. Attending school in the ecologically sound city of Binghamton has only allowed this passion to flourish. Whether it's participating in a beach clean up, or living a meat-free lifestyle, she believes that every individual has the power to make a difference in their day-to-day lives because it's the small things that add up. After taking various courses on carbon pricing and environmental law, this is her first time getting hands on experience in the field and she couldn't be more excited. Aside from advocating for a clean and safe environment, her other hobbies include traveling and spending some quality time with her friends.



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