Our Statement on Initiative 1631

While there are still many votes to count, initial returns are not as strong as we had hoped for Initiative 1631, the carbon fee ballot measure in Washington State. We will continue to watch closely as votes come in; currently only 64% of precincts are reporting, and we anticipate that strong youth support will be reflected in later returns. 

Our Climate, our coalition partners, and our movement stands united against big polluters and those who harm our health, environment, and future.  

For too long, the fossil fuel industry has been given a free pass to pollute, while our health, communities, and climate have endured the true costs of greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud and inspired by all the young people across Washington State who worked hard to hold polluters accountable. Over the past several months, Our Climate’s leaders knocked over 4,000 doors, called over 1,700 voters, sent over 20,000 texts, and conducted over 30 educational events for Yes on I-1631. Support for the initiative was overwhelmingly high among students. 

We know that our generation stands to be most impacted by climate change, and we will continue to push for urgently needed policies that will preserve a livable climate.  


Over 500 students filled out their ballots on the University of Washington campus on Tuesday.  

We know the coalition behind I-1631 set the gold standard for how climate policy should be designed and enacted: by and for communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change.

Our team looks forward to bringing lessons learned, momentum, and student leaders’ passion and energy to other states that are actively considering policies to price pollution. We need to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and transition to a clean energy economy that works for everyone.

Big oil spent over $30 million to buy this election and resorted to lying and misleading voters because they recognize that our incredible people-led movement is building power and they are afraid of what we can accomplish as we keep working together. One thing is clear: this problem isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we!


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