Junior Fundraising Board

Our Climate's Junior Fundraising Board is comprised of passionate group of young professionals who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to support Our Climate’s mission of engaging young people to advocate for strong and equitable climate policy by: 1) planning and hosting fun fundraising events and 2) recruiting new donors. Members of the Junior Fundraising Board have the unique opportunity to support Our Climate's mission while gaining valuable fundraising experience and connecting with like-minded young professionals.

Katy Marie Swiere

Katy Marie Swiere is an undergraduate student studying Environmental Policy at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Born and raised in small-town Orange, Texas, she is interested in communicating climate change solutions to rural, conservative, and/or religious communities. Katy  is passionate about using carbon pricing as a tool for incentivizing businesses, governments, and individuals to live in a way which is compatible with a long-term sustainable planet for all. In her free time, she loves to dance, read, learn new languages, and spend time with her siblings and pets.

Kylie Ford

Kylie Ford is an undergraduate studying Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Fordham University. Kylie’s passion for environmental protection stems from her upbringing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania--she spent much of her childhood exploring the forests of her hometown. Kylie supports carbon pricing as an essential tool to promote equity by preventing the externalization of the negative impacts of fossil fuel energy from consideration by market forces.  She is deeply hopeful for a more sustainable future and is excited to continue working with Our Climate to shape it.

Sarabeth Brockley

Sarabeth applies her background in sustainable development and stakeholder negotiation to drive strategy development at BSR- a global nonprofit organization that works with business to build a more just and sustainable world.  In her free time she is a practicing photojournalist, explorer and producer on the award-winning film series, Climate Countdown. She has an MA in Environmental Policy Design from Lehigh University, and a BS in Environmental Science from Moravian College. 

Her passion for Our Climate’s mission stems from her previous work as a technical consultant at the United Nations, as an advisor to Citizens Climate Lobby on international Carbon Pricing, diversified as an environmental Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru and started with grassroots environmental justice campaigns in her hometown of Allentown. She takes these experiences from international governance, the private sector and community organizing to build collective action on climate change.



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