Our Climate leaders in the news! 

Many were hard hit even before pandemic. The Portland Tribune; May, 2020. 

Young activists take Earth Day online. Daily Hampshire Gazette; April, 2020.

Don't just think of ourselves during Pandemic. The Village Times Herald; April, 2020.

Coronavirus, climate have connection. Lincoln Journal Star; April, 2020. 

State must cut coal consumption. Lincoln Journal Star; April, 2020. 

Treat climate change like the pandemic. The Oregonian; March, 2020. 

Attleboro area state senators support climate-change legislation. Attleboro Sun Chronicle; February, 2020.

Massachusetts Senate to consider climate change amendments on electric car rebates, solar projects. Mass Live; January, 2020.

In Massachusetts, growing support for a carbon price but few details in proposal. Energy News Network; January, 2020.

Students push for stronger climate change legislation at State House. MSN; January, 2020.

High school, college students push for stronger climate change legislation at State House. WCVB (MA TV News); January, 2020.

Youth Lobby Day. The Spokesman Review; January, 2020.

Youth Lobby Day. The Seattle Times; January, 2020.

Capitol Digest: Middle schoolers push Nebraska Legislature for climate change resolution. Omaha World-Herald; January, 2020. 

Students 'plead' silently with senators: Enact climate policy. Hastings Tribune; January, 2020.

Protesters at Nebraska’s capitol urge lawmakers to make climate policy a priority. KTIV Siouxland; January, 2020.

Issues before lawmakers. KETV Channel 7 Omaha; January, 2020.

Poor returns on fossil fuel investments helping students convince colleges to divest. Lincoln Journal Star; December, 2019.

21st birthday party invite: Come testify about climate change at a public meeting in Lincoln with me. Lincoln Journal Star; December, 2019.

Letter To The Editor: More Battles To Be Won Over Climate Change. Fordham Observer; December, 2019.

Creighton students ready to fight for fossil fuel divestment. WOWT Channel 6 News Omaha; November, 2019.

The Climate Movement. The Broadsheet; November, 2019.

Students aim to fight climate change with phone calls to state officials. Pipe Dream; November, 2019.

We Agree: It's time for bold equitable climate policy. WickedLocal; November, 2019.

If You Think Your Voice Doesn’t Matter in the Climate Movement, You Need to Hear This. The Environment Magazine; November, 2019.

Local representative and youth leader agree its time for bold equitable climate policy. MassLive; November, 2019.

Letter: Carbon tax would boost New York state. Auburn Pub; November, 2019. 

Carbon tax will save money, reduce energy deficit. The Daily News; October, 2019.

Carbon tax will achieve results. Albany Times-Union; October, 2019.

Carbon Tax a Worthwhile Idea. Recorder News; October, 2019.

Sustain UNL stages Die In to protest lack of action towards climate change. The Daily Nebraskan; October, 2019.

'We Must Grow This Movement': Youth Climate Activists Ramp Up the Pressure. InsideClimate News; October, 2019.

UNL to host annual Nebraska Youth Climate Summit. Daily Nebraskan; October, 2019.

Youth activists in the Valley make their voices heard. The Valley Advocate; October, 2019.

Lobbying for Climate Policy: A Youth-Led Movement. The Emerald Review; October, 2019.

Our Climate Holds Youth Lobby Day. The Piper; October, 2019. 

We Must Grow This Movement': Youth Climate Activists Ramp Up the Pressure. InsideClimate News; October, 2019.

Farmers work to mitigate climate change. Midwest Messenger; September, 2019.

They're stealing our future. Omaha World-Herald; September, 2019.

Everything we saw at Tampa’s Climate Strike march. Creative Loafing; September, 2019.

Climate Change rally urges lawmakers to take action. Fremont Tribune; September, 2019.

Sustain UNL to march for Climate Strike movement. The Daily Nebraskan; September, 2019.

Exonians Protest at Portsmouth Climate Strike. The Exonian; September, 2019. 

The Words of One Young Climate Activist: 'We Cannot Consider Ourselves Separate from the Natural World.'  WBUR / NPR; September, 2019. 

The Climate Strikes are Why I Quit Teaching. EdWeek; September, 2019.

Climate: Change we can believe in. The Hill; September, 2019.

Tallahassee acted to mitigate climate change, it's time for our federal representation to follow suit. FSU News; September, 2019.

Youth Climate Strike actions Friday in Tampa & St. Pete. WMNF; September, 2019.

4 Students Share Why They’re Striking For The Climate. The Years Project; September, 2019.

Hurricanes are getting worse, here's why. The Oracle; September, 2019.

Community solar great for Nebraska. Lincoln Journal Star; August, 2019.

Listen to your constituents. Tampa Bay Times; August, 2019. 

Ross Spano complains that climate deniers like him are unfairly labeled as ‘idiots’. Tampa Bay Times; August, 2019.

CLCPA, only a first step. Queens Chronicle; August, 2019. 

New York State Passes Ambitious Climate Policy. The YEARS Project; June, 2019.

It’s mostly about climate change as protests dwindle on day two of debates. Miami Herald; June, 2019.

University Student Sparks Nebraska Carbon Pricing Debate. Climate XChange; June, 2019.

Words aren’t enough: Activists want more specific plans to combat climate change. The Florida Phoenix; June, 2019.

Youth climate activists construct mosaic in Boston, demand actionWBUR / NPR; June, 2019.

Court will hear from youth in landmark climate lawsuit. WMNF; May, 2019. 

Pass energy bill, then look beyond. Gazette Times; May, 2019. 

Clean Energy bill will make a difference. Gazette Times; May, 2019.  

Youth Leadership the Key to Successful Carbon Pricing. World Bank's CPLC Leadership Report; April, 2019. 

All Youth, Despite Political Affiliation, Need to Fight Against Climate Change. Cornell Sun; April, 2019.

Students rally, protest, and fight for climate justice in Albany. WICB New York; April, 2019. 

Youth Climate movement: Kids give 'em hell about high water. Red, Green, and Blue; April, 2019.

WSU Students will advocate for climate change policies in Olympia. The Daily Evergreen; April, 2019.

Youth Lobby Climate Day is taking place across the country. PBS; April, 2019.

Reader's View: About the Climate and Community Protection Act. The Troy Record; April, 2019.

Youth around the country to lobby state lawmakers, demanding climate action. ThinkProgress; April, 2019.

Kids to state lawmakers: Do something – now – about climate change, please. Florida Phoenix; April, 2019.  

Student brings national environmental campaign to campus. The Ithacan; March, 2019.

Youth-led climate advocacy group looks to put a price on carbon. WICB New York; March, 2019. 

The science on climate change is real. The Statesman Journal; March, 2019.

Walking out of schools and towards climate solutions. The Hill; March, 2019. 

Yes on HB 2020. Mail Tribune; March, 2019. 

Oregon has the opportunity to build a robust clean energy economy. Statesman Journal; March, 2019. 

Clean Energy Jobs Bill is a step in the right direction. Statesman Journal; March, 2019.

Support bill on carbon emissions. The Gazette-Times; March, 2019.

Why a carbon tax is the best solution to the climate crisisThe Concordiensis; March, 2019. 

Tackling climate change. North Reading Transcript; February, 2019. 

Oregon must lead the way on climate change. Gazette Times; February, 2019. 

Central New Yorkers Testify for Climate Justice Legislation. New York Renews; February, 2019. 

Long Islanders Testify for Climate Justice Legislation. New York Renews; February, 2019.

Governor Sununu: Step Up or Step Aside. The Exonian; January, 2019. 

What killed Washington's carbon tax? High Country News; January, 2019. 

Time is up — we must put a price on carbon. Vermont Digger; January, 2019.

Time for all climate action is now. Beacon Hill Times; November, 2018.  

As young people, we know our future is at stake. Hampshire Gazette; November, 2018. 

Why Washington failed to pass climate policy and what we must do next. Medium; November, 2018. 

Virginia's cap and trade opportunity: a bipartisan energy solution. Richmond Times-Dispatch; November, 2018. 

The climate is on the ballot in six states. The Hill; November, 2018.  

1.5 to Stay Alive. Northeastern Political Review; October, 2018.

Vote yes on I-1631: I'm sick of smoke. The Spokesman Review; October, 2018. 

1631: A chance for equitable growth. Whitman Wire; October, 2018.

Climate Summit a golden opportunity for Bay Area innovators and activists. NBC Bay Area; September, 2018.

Are we choosing polluters' profits over public youth health? Clean Technica; August, 2018. 

A carbon tax is the great equalizer. The Hill; July, 2018. 

It is time oil companies protect the environment. Union Bulletin; July, 2018. 

Our Climate and The Years Project launch #YouthStepUp climate contest. Clean Technica; July, 2018. 

Climate Action = Strong Economy. Seven Days VT; June, 2018.     

Carbon fee can help state meet energy goals. Albany Times Union; April, 2018.  

Climate CoLab Winners' Spotlight. MIT ClimateX; March, 2018. 

Carbon pricing to fight climate change. Hanover Valley News; March, 2018. 

UNL President works to create more green campus. The Daily Nebraskan; March, 2018. 

Thank colleges for imminent carbon taxes. Wired; March, 2018. 

It's time to act boldly on climate change. Cambridge Day; February, 2018. 

Climate meets culture at State House event. Berkeley Beacon; January, 2018. 

An effective plan for carbon pricing. VT Digger; January, 2018. 

Fossil fuel companies are the real abusers of the welfare system. The Hill (cross-posted on MSN); January, 2018. 

Carbon pricing as a crucial step toward kicking our fossil fuel addiction. Buzzfeed; January, 2018. 

A low carbon, sustainable strategy for Massachusetts. Buzzfeed; January, 2018. 

Hurricanes and the climate--is the worst yet to come? The Hill; October, 2017.  

Let's #PutAPriceOnIt: The Case for Implementing a Carbon Tax. The Hill News; October, 2017. 

Bob Allen: Endorsing a price on carbon pollution. VT Digger; September, 2017. 

Climate change hurts our low income communities. San Francisco Examiner; September, 2017.  

Hurricane Harvey, Irma and climate change are sinking the future for millennials. Project Earth / Fusion; September, 2017.   

Student advocacy is a game-changer. The Daily Princetonian; August, 2017.  

Students organizing around carbon pricing. Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition; August, 2017. 

College Presidents Endorse Carbon Pricing to Fight Climate ChangePhiladelphia Inquirer; August, 2017. 

Activist Tom Erb is Lobbying to End Climate Change. Study Break; August, 2017. 

Massachusetts Carbon Pricing Campaign Reaches Key Decision Point. Clean Technica; June 2017. 

Climate change not a political issue, but real threat regardless of political affiliation. Statesman Journal & USA Today; June 2017. 

A Conservative Answer on Climate Change. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; May 2017. 

Put A Price On It: Combating Climate Change with Carbon Taxation. Resilience; May 2017. 

How to chill with your elected rep and talk a li'l climate policy. Grist; May 2017. 

D.C. Coalition pushes innovative plan to cut emissions and protect most vulnerable residents. Think Progress; May 2017. 

Fordham Signals Support for Carbon Pricing. Fordham News; May 2017. 

President Ask for Carbon Pricing. Inside Higher Ed; May 2017. 

Can Colleges Create a Climate for Pricing Carbon? Huffington Post; May 2017. 

CC Divest Triumphs with “Put a Price on It."  College Voice; May 2017. 

Loyola, It's Time to Put A (Carbon) Price on our Future. Loyola Phoenix; April 2017. 

Conn College signs carbon tax endorsement letter. The Day; April 2017. 

Youth demand climate action. The Vermont Conversation; April 2017. 

Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi Joins Bard CEP to Talk Price on Carbon. Bard College; April 2017. 

Hundreds of students take part in Youth Lobby Day at Vermont Statehouse. WCAX; April 2017.  

Boston students come together to fight climate change. Daily Free Press; April 2017. 

Trump Tower teach-ins highlight the often perilous state of publicly-owned private spaces. Architect's Newspaper; April 2017. 

Students take carbon pricing debate to Trump's door. E&E News; April 2017. 

Conn College being asked to endorse carbon tax. The Day; April 2017. 

This 12-year old boy has powerful message. Mic; April 2017. 

A climate change lesson for President Trump from inside his New York home. Fusion; April 2017. 

Will millennials support a carbon price? Yale Climate Connections; April 2017. 

Camila Thorndike and Page Atcheson are pushing a simple climate solution. Grist; March 2017. 

#PutAPriceOnIt: Students Bring Carbon Tax to Campus. Fordham Observer; February 2017. 

Actors and celebrities have a duty to speak out on politics. Time Magazine; December 2016.  

A Real Solution to YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY? How a Documentary Series Is Mobilizing Millennials to #PutAPriceOnItCenter for Media and Social Impact; November 2016. 

9 Reasons Millennials Want To Put A Price On Carbon. Buzzfeed; November 2016. 

Student climate change activists deserve support and action for carbon pricing campaign. Huffington Post; November 2016. 

Here's one effective solution to climate change: Put a price on carbon. Tree Hugger; November 2016. 

Can you stop global warming AND get spoon-fed mayonnaise until your heart stops? Grist; September 2016. 

Jack Black and Cecily Strong want to put a price on carbon. Think Progress; August 2016. 

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