We Need More Climate Policy Champs.

Cassidy is Our Climate’s Program Director. She develops and maintains the Our Climate Leadership Development program, builds partner relationships, and cultivates an inventory of educational tools for climate policy advocates across the country. Cassidy’s passion for the fight against climate change has taken many forms. She assisted in a federal environmental depredation trial, studied greenhouse gas emissions in the Columbia River Gorge, taught children organic farming methods, and served as a fellow for Oregon Climate in 2015. This fall, she will join SustainUS as part of the Youth Delegation at the World Bank. She holds degrees in Environmental Studies and International Relations from Knox College.

Inaction on climate change from Congress is nothing new. You probably heard that 3.5 million Americans were devastated by Hurricane Maria last week in Puerto Rico. This month has seen more major hurricanes than ever, and September isn't even over yet. If our elected officials won't pay attention to the people who have lost their homes and livelihoods this month thanks to Harvey, Irma, and Maria, then we know this to be true: there aren't enough climate champs in elected office who will #PutAPriceOnIt.

To change this, our Fellows are out registering their friends to vote today. Why? It's National Voter Registration Day. Here's how you can play your part: share in the excitement with your friends. To change everything, we need everyone... registered to vote!


Registering people to vote is critical to our work because more voters means a more representative democracy that isn't controlled by fossil fuel interests--and that is exactly how we'll pass the best carbon pricing policy out there.

Maybe you're wondering, "Cassidy, how can I get in on the action?" Don't worry, I've got just the tools you need to make sure you and your friends are registered. Our friends at the Environmental Voter Project helped build us an easy-to-use website so you can take action today. 

The #NVRD fun doesn't stop there... Check out the dozens of Our Climate student leaders from across the country imploring you to book it to the voting booth at every opportunity possible. When you register on our website, you can sign up to receive reminders if an election is taking place near you! Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? No! Not on National Voter Registration Day. 

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