Our Climate Alumni

Join and participate in Our Climate Student Leaders Alumni Network!

There are four ongoing ways to stay connected to Our Climate.

1. Join our email list-serv to get updates, share opportunities, and ask for the communal support you need! Email our Deputy Director, cassidy@ourclimate.us, to be added.

2. Join our monthly webinar program. Every other month is a standing networking and generosity circle webinar and in the off months, we'll share special program provided at your request from our Alumni Survey (take the survey if you haven't already!) RSVP to the calendar invite sent to all Alumni or email cassidy@ourclimate.us if you aren't on the list!

3. Join the Our Climate Leaders Facebook Group!

4. Join a committee on our Millennial Advisory Board (MAB). The MAB is made up of a number of committees that advise on decision about Our Climate's direction or support Our Climate as an organization. You can read more about the various committees here

Short-term Alumni Opportunities

1. Participate in a new Alumni Fundraising Cohort!

October 25th - December 15th, 2019

Our Climate Alumni will be supported in developing grassroots fundraising skills through three new trainings and 1:1 staff support as they work to secure new grassroots Monthly donors in support of Our Climate’s work during our fall fundraising drive. Learn more here and contact our Deputy Director if you're interested in this opportunity.

2. Participate in a pilot of a new mentoring program with our Board of Directors.

November 1st - December 31st, 2019

Our Climate Alumni have the opportunity to be paired with an Our Climate board member for a short term pilot. The Mentorship program will facilitate a one-to-one mutual exchange of knowledge and skills between Our Climate’s Board of Directors and Millennial Advisor Board.  The Program will help Board Members to better understand the needs of students who participate in Our Climate programs and see OC’s activities from a fresh perspective.  It will assist Alumni in engaging with Our Climate and to develop their experience, and skills. The Mentorship Program should nurture Our Climate’s open and sharing culture, and stimulate new ideas and a mutual commitment to climate action and to the organization. Thought this pilot opportunity was designed for the MAB, it is also open to other Alumni who are not formally a part of the MAB. If you're interested in this opportunity, please contact our Deputy Director, cassidy@ourclimate.us.