Our Climate Student Leaders

'19-'20 New England Fellows

Olivia Henning

Olivia is a sophomore at Boston University studying Environmental Analysis and Policy. She is originally from Seattle, Washington, where she enjoyed hiking, skiing, and swimming in local lakes and rivers. Olivia works to make Boston University more sustainable with it's Environmental Student Organization, by writing for the Emerald Review, its environmental science and policy magazine, and by educating incoming students as a Sustainability Ambassador. Olivia hopes to pursue a career where she can impact environmental policy and hopes working with Our Climate can help her build the foundational skills to influence policy and be a role model for other aspiring policy influencers.

Sabrin Zahid

During her AP Environmental Science course at Somerville High School, Sabrin found her passion for the environment. Now as a senior, she is a leader in the Boston Climate Strike movement and has a growing awareness of the environmental injustices that are placed on low income urban communities like her own. Combining her love for nature and her passion for social justice, Sabrin intends to learn more about environmental politics and is excited to be applying some of her own knowledge to this Our Climate Fellowship. During her spare time, Sabrin likes to spend time with her friends at the beach and try out new vegan restaurants around Boston!

Sofia Liang

Sofia is a junior at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, where she particularly enjoys AP Language and Composition. She is excited to research more about climate change and build on the skills she has learned from working with the Sunrise Movement and the Boston Student Advisory Council. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts.

Angela Ruan

Angela is a student at the Woodward School for Girls in Quincy, MA. 

New England Field Advisors

Emily Radkowski

Emily completed her Fellowship with Our Climate as a first-year student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, while pursuing a major in environmental science and a certificate in coastal and marine sciences. As a former captain of her high school’s speech and debate team, she is passionate about helping others find their voices and share their stories. Now an experienced lobbyist, presenter, and mentor for Our Climate, she now focuses on assisting other young people to take their advocacy to the next level, especially in Central and Western Massachusetts. In her downtime, Emily can either be found hiking, trying new recipes, or searching for the best reading spots on campus.

Dania Halak & Isabel Skomro


Since beginning their fellowships in the summer, Dania Halak and Isabel Skomro have become an unstoppable team for building Our Climate's relationship with the Massachusetts Speaker of the House. Isabel is a Senior at Winthrop High School and lives on a small peninsula in Winthrop, MA, with the ocean on one side of her house and the bay on the other. She became more interested in fighting climate change during her junior year, when she took AP Environmental Science. Dania is similarly passionate about science, especially AP biology. After school, Isabel enjoys soccer, spring and winter track, and mock trial while Dania leads several social justice clubs and interns at Mass General Hospital. 

Lorenzo de Simone

Lorenzo is a freshman at Milton Academy in Milton, MA.  His interest in politics has led him to joining a few political campaigns, including that of Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016. Curiosity led him to try his hand at lobbying for carbon pricing and now it’s a big part of what he does. Through effective legislation and business action, Lorenzo hopes that Massachusetts can be a national leader in small government climate change solutions that don’t threaten individual rights while using revenue for important budget priorities. Lorenzo loves to read about politics and constitutional law, and hopes to pursue a career involving the two. Outside of Our Climate, Lorenzo likes reading, building engines and stupid contraptions, and hiking.

New England Field Representatives

Erin McCann

Erin is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy, and is originally from Half Moon Bay and Menlo Park, California. Over the summer, she was fortunate enough to visit Iceland with National Geographic, and returned with a renewed passion and talent for using art and writing to communicate the devastation and gravity of climate change. That passion motivated her to become a part of Our Climate, so that she could fight for the places she photographs and is inspired by. At school, Erin writes for a MATTER, a student-run science magazine, is a member of the debate club, and is involved in a multitude of environmental clubs. In her work for Our Climate, she hopes to gain valuable experience by learning how to lobby, mobilizing her own communities to become more involved in the environmental movement, and meeting some of the inspiring leaders that are working to protect our future.

Mikaela Lessnau

Mikaela (Mika) is a junior at Tufts University double-majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies with a concentration in environmental communication, global health and nutrition. She grew up in the urban atmosphere of New York City and experienced the natural world by horseback riding in upstate New York and skiing in New England. She loves learning languages and speaks German, Italian, and French. She is interested in international climate policy between the EU and the US to foster cooperative, concordant legislation that will help mitigate climate change. Mika was an Environmental Communications intern for Green Streets in Cambridge last summer, which promotes sustainable and active forms of transportation among Massachusetts residents and companies.

Fall 2019 New York Fellows

Maya Navabi

Maya Navabi is a senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York pursuing a BSE in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from the Sonoran Desert, she grew up learning about water scarcity and environmental conservation in a unique ecosystem. After graduation, she wants to work in the Renewable Energy sector to make it more accessible for everyone. Along with Our Climate, Maya is the chairperson of RPI’s Student Sustainability Task Force, and tries to incorporate sustainability into every conversation she has.

Claire Shapiro

Claire Shapiro is a senior at Binghamton University double majoring in Chinese and Japanese and minoring in Global Studies. She hopes that her experience with Our Climate leads to her gaining a better understanding of environmental laws in New York. Claire hopes to use this new understanding to spread awareness of our impact on the Earth and its climate within her community. Her time spent abroad in Japan helped her learn about how another society deals with their trash and recycling in a more efficient manner and she hopes that experience helps her reduce her own waste in the future.

Phariha Rahman

Phariha Rahman is a junior pursuing a degree in history with a minor in French at Binghamton University. In addition to Our Climate, Phariha is an ambassador for the Andrew Goodman Foundation. Most of her work has been focused on promoting civic engagement to young  people and demonstrating the impact their actions can have.

Kasey McNaughton

Kasey McNaughton is pursuing a double major in Politics & Human Rights and International Studies at Marymount Manhattan College. Her studies primarily focus on researching international conflict and causal factors of migration.  She hopes that her involvement with Our Climate will facilitate conversations involving environmental racism, environmental migration, and how NYC can lead the fight against apathy and complacency surrounding the climate crisis.

Thomas Carpenito

Thomas Carpenito is an environmentalist pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science at Pace University NYC, with a minor in Sustainability. He is the co-founder and president of the Pace Sustainability Initiative, with which he creates and leads environmental projects. Thomas has given numerous speeches at environmental conferences, writes articles about climate issues, and regularly volunteers with various environmental organizations. His hope is that through his contributions to the environmental movement, he can inspire others to see that they, too, have the power to make substantial differences.

Mohamed Aden

Mr. Aden is studying environmental engineering at Eugenio María de Hostos Community College of The City University of New York. For his Bachelor’s degree, Mr. Aden is interested in majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in public policy. He has experience designing, sizing, installing and maintaining solar PV, wind, and biogas systems. Mr. Aden has worked in Somalia for the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), the Solar Energy Consultancy Construction Company (SECCCO), the African Development Solution (ADESO), African solar design (ASD) and the World Bank on Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Fall 2019 New York Field Representatives

Faiza Azam

Faiza Azam is a senior at John Dewey High School and found her passion for climate change activism while working with Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC). Her work to make JDHS more resilient against future natural disasters led Faiza to realize she wants to pursue a career in environmental policy. Additionally, Faiza has worked with the New York Aquarium's Wildlife Conservation Society where she focused on protecting endangered marine wildlife by working to raise awarness about the harms of single use plastic pollution. Faiza convinced businesses near Coney Island to ban plastic utensils by marching for the ocean in a seastar costume on World’s Ocean Day, as well as organized and educated other youth about protecting marine animals at a Youth Summit. Her hobbies include listening to music, studying music and dance, gaming, learning new languages, and Broadway musicals.

Amina Castronovo

Amina Castronovo is a debater, writer, and social advocate who has cared deeply about the environment ever since she was young. She is currently a sophomore at Beacon High School in Manhattan. This summer Amina participated in a summer camp led by Our Climate where she was further introduced into the world of environmental advocacy. Aside from climate change, Amina is very passionate about writing and philosophy. She was recently accepted into the Girls Write Now program where she can advance her writing skills. Also, she is a student in the NYU philosophy class for high school students. Other hobbies include caring for animals, traveling, and advocating for youth mental health.

Taspia Rahman
Taspia Rahman is a Senior at Brooklyn Technical High School currently majoring in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability. Along with keeping up with the pressures of being a student, she has made successful efforts to involve her community, in and out of school, in climate action. From gathering students for global climate strikes to recycling initiatives in her neighborhood, she has made efforts to create a difference as a young global citizen. She is passionate about speaking out and developing solutions, exercising these skills in Model United Nations and in environmentally academic based clubs such as Envirothon. This past summer, she has attended her local community colleges to study the chemistry of environmental pollution and participated in Our Climate’s Youth Summer Camp where she developed an interest in the organization as a whole. She is now taking action with Our Climate to advance concrete climate policy. In the future, she hopes to attend a liberal arts institution that values environmental sustainability.

Noah Lennon

Noah Lennon is currently a junior at Binghamton University, studying philosophy, politics, and law and pursuing a career in either environmental law or public administration. He served in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps for seven years and graduated as a Chief Petty Officer. He was also a member of the Honors Club at Suffolk County Community College, and is a member of the Parliamentary Debate Team here at Binghamton. His hobbies include art, games, and drumming.

Eva Milstein-Touesnard

Eva Milstein-Touesnard is a passionate advocate with the goal of improving the lives of those around her. Ever since she was young she has dreamed of a world where people could live equitable, happy lives in harmony with the environment. Eva is currently a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Government. She is also acquiring a minor in Social Inequality Studies and another in Environmental Science and Sustainability. At Cornell she is the outreach chair for Climate Justice Cornell. Her hobbies include dancing, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Kingsley Odae

Kingsley is an enthusiastic and motivated young adult aspiring to become a professional engineer. He is majoring in electrical engineering at Hostos Community College and is also a Kaplan and Hostos Engineering Academic Talent (HEAT) scholar. Kingsley currently serves as the president of the Hostos Robotics club. He is  passionate about renewable energy to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. With the experience gained from various research projects and internships he believes he can make a difference in his community. Kingsley am excited about Our climate because it is a great opportunity to advocate and be the voice of the youth who care about the environment.

Priscilla Cardenas

Priscilla Cardenas is a Junior at SUNY Oswego in upstate New York where she is a Finance major with a double minor in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. Her love for nature and curiosity grew while attending the Waldorf School in Garden City for high school. For her college education, Priscilla wanted to attend school in northern NY so she could build connections across the state. This past summer she had the opportunity to conduct soil research with peers in Oswego, New York, which led her to become interested in aluminum pollution. This experience solidified her future career goals: in the short term she is focusing on public speaking and effectively empowering others to take action on climate in New York’s legislature while her long term goal is to become an architect who designs sustainable homes.  Aside from taking sustainability courses and educating those around her, she is an active member of the choir club on campus and works at the dining hall.

Fall 2019 New York Field Advisors

Sam Horowitz

Sam Horowitz is a Senior at Pitzer College, where he studies environmental policy. For the last two semesters, he has served as the NY State Field Advisor for Our Climate, a youth-led, grassroots carbon pricing advocacy group. He was born and raised in New York City, where his first-hand experience with the devastation of Superstorm Sandy made him passionate about fighting climate change. He spent this past summer as the resilience intern at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, where he supported first of its kind research on the impacts of climate change on city economic competitiveness. He currently serves as the L.A. Regional Director for the California Young Democrats Environmental Caucus, and was previously the President of the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges, where he organized students for the 2018 midterm elections and helped make the Claremont Colleges some of the most civically engaged schools in the country. 


Fall 2019 Oregon Fellows

Alexander O'Keefe

Alexander O’Keefe is a senior at Oregon State University (OSU) doubling majoring in Political Science, Sustainability with a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. With a diverse educational background and a fellowship with Our Climate, Alex hopes to help tackle pressing environmental issues such as species extinction and climate change through political action. Alex aims to pursue a Master’s Degree following his graduation at OSU and work on environmental policy/legislation both domestically and internationally.

Camille Piazza

Camille Piazza, 23, graduated from Reed College with a Bachelors in English Literature in December of 2018. While participating in Our Climate’s fellowship program, she works part-time at a local farm-to-table bakery in Creswell, and as a writer for the non-profit organization, Our Children’s Trust, that has filed the famous federal lawsuit, Juliana vs. US. Camille spends her free time cooking, riding her bike, and drinking from a reusable water bottle.

Anna Kemper

Anna Kemper graduated from Western Washington University in 2018 with a BA in Energy Policy and Management. She currently works for a residential and commercial solar installation company in Portland, OR. Through her work at Our Climate, as well as through local organizing and nonprofits she is dedicated to creating a liveable future by engaging in climate activism and local policy. In her free time, Anna enjoys reading, running, climbing, and gently encouraging friends and strangers to register to vote.


Fall 2019 Washington State Fellows

Adilia Watson

Adilia is an Environmental Studies major and Writing minor at Seattle University. She aspires to be a journalist and environmental writer. Originally from Stockton, California, her interest in the environment has increased since going to school in the Pacific Northwest. As a Doris Duke Fellowship Alumni, she wants to continue her work in fighting climate change. She loves staying busy by working on her blog, Accidie and Affection, or having fun at a Jamaican Dancehall class!

Chloe Brush

Chloe has spent the majority of her life in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in Bellingham for most of the year. Entering her third year at Western Washington University, she is a student of Western’s Huxley College of the Environment where she is majoring in Environmental Studies and is looking to focus on environmental policy. She is also a member of Western’s Environmental Justice Committee, as well as an avid volunteer at the farm on Western’s campus. When she isn’t studying, Chloe can be found gardening, watching cult classic films with friends, or checking out new hot yoga studios around town.

Jalyn Boado

Jalyn is a Sophomore at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington studying Political Science. She is passionate about the issue of climate justice. Specifically, about environmental equity issues that affect low-income communities and communities of color. Jalyn is a leader and mentor on her campus and she is involved with the Catholic Relief Service which takes a faith-based approach to climate change. In the future, she is looking forward to learning more about climate policy.

Lela Cooper

Lela is a senior at The University of Washington majoring in Environmental Studies, and minoring in Urban Design and Planning, and Danish. She grew up in Eastern Washington, and credits the natural environment of the region, as well as seeing the increased impacts of wildfires and other climate change related events as spurring her original interests in climate action, and environmental awareness. She loves learning languages, and while at UW, she has studied both Danish, and Inuktitut, and hopes to use these skills to further engage with Arctic communities in the future, to understand how climate change has impacted the region. Lela is excited about working with Our Climate to better understand how climate policy works in Washington, and to work alongside other young leaders to help spur further climate action.

Cassidy Giampetro

Cassidy Giampetro is originally from Miami, Florida and graduated from Seattle University in June 2019 with a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies. She is currently working for a nonprofit on the Eastside of King County supervising a coalition that works towards transportation accessibility. Cassidy is passionate about environmental policy and specifically international sustainable development, focusing on the intersection of environmental justice and sustainability with political economy issues.

Emi Grant

Emi is a second-year student at Seattle University studying creative writing. Growing up in the city of Olympia, Emi lived only blocks away from the Capitol building and has been immersed in the world of policymaking and community organizing as long as she can remember. She first found her passion for environmental justice during a spring break service-learning trip to New Orleans. After unpacking the undeniable impacts of not only climate change, but the systematic injustices imposed by the US government during Hurricane Katrina, Emi knew that climate change was even more complex and dire than it appeared to be. Now, she is using her passion for writing to advocate for climate justice on campus and in her community.

Tony Horton

Tony was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and relocated to Spokane, WA this year. Growing up so close to forests, glaciers, and mountains, while living in a city comprising of great degrees of diversity, he has been exposed to many perspectives in a state that has a lot to lose in this climate fight. After being a student at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he was pursuing a BS in Environment & Society, he has decided to transfer to a more involved program based in Washington. Tony's environmental action began with informal education and resulted in a dietary shift to a plant-based diet. Prior to returning home to Alaska this summer, he felt climate action was important. However, after experiencing extreme wildfires, learning of coastal degradation leading to permanent indigenous relocation, and receding glacial activity this past summer, he recognized the need to play a more active role in the solution. This September, Tony participated in the Global Climate Strike, became involved with the Sunrise Movement of Eastern Washington, and has become politically active on a local level, which has included testifying in recent council meetings to champion climate action. Tony believes that humans can have a positive, symbiotic relationship with the environment, and advocates for policy and science-based advancement.

Caitlinn Santiesteban

Caitlinn is completing her final year at Western Washington University where she is studying Business and Sustainability and minoring in Business Administration. Originally from a small town in the foothills of the Northern Cascades, Caitlinn grew up connected to her natural environment recognizing the urgency of pursing an education and career devoted to environmental and clean energy solutions to ensure a path to a more sustainable future. Post college, she is planning to become involved in developing communities that are wanting to implement sustainable agricultural practices to increase food security, and to focus on decreasing dependence of fossil fuels in farming to further improve financial equity and stability for farmers. Outside of her work and academic schedule, she loves to play piano, hike, paddleboard, attend music events, and create her own individual learning projects outside of her education.

Shay Steeves

Shay is a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle double majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Originally from Puyallup, Washington, Shay got her start in the environmental scene by volunteering with the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium on their conservation engagement interpretation and leadership team for four years. Through this she has helped plan and been a speaker at the Puget Sound Youth Ocean Conservation Summit, given testimony and lobbied legislators in the Washington State Capital, and has helped plan and execute conservation projects in her community, as well as doing citizen science work. She has also been involved in the Tacoma Youth Climate Strike as a planner and speaker alongside the Sunrise Movement, and 350 Tacoma. Her goal is to one day work in government advocating for environmental policy and sustainability.


Sarah Griffin

Sarah is a recent graduate from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Her close study of U.S. Politics over the last four years has convinced her that state and local levels of government offer the most effective avenue for environmental policy change and advocacy. Interning with three state representatives during the 2018 Washington Legislative Session, Sarah developed a passion for state politics and a desire to get involved with the legislative process and community organizing. She is very excited to be a Climate Fellow and is looking forward to collaborating with young people to pass equitable, science-based policy and combat climate change.

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