The fight to pass Oregon's Clean Energy Jobs bill is not over

The fight in Oregon to pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020) is not over. Young Oregonians are severely threatened by the climate crisis, and we cannot afford to wait for legislation that limits pollution and averts the worst effects of a warming planet. We call on Governor Kate Brown to hold a special session so lawmakers do what we sent them to do: protect our future by passing HB 2020.

Make no mistake: HB 2020 was sent back to committee because the fossil fuel industry made a last-ditch effort to protect their bottom line. Senate Republicans, whose campaigns can receive unlimited funding from corporate interests, left the state to prevent a vote because they knew they would lose. The fact that a handful of Democrats rewarded this behavior by caving to their fossil-fuel industry-funded demands is unacceptable.

Mitigating the climate crisis will require courage, creativity, and perseverance, and we are deeply grateful to our elected leaders, including Governor Kate Brown, who have risen to this challenge. Oregon voters elected a majority of lawmakers who promised to take action on climate change. They have not yet delivered. For this reason, a special session must be convened immediately to pass HB 2020, preserve the integrity of our democratic institutions, and demonstrate Oregon’s leadership on this critical issue.

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