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Evergreen New Deal Survey and Listening Sessions

Washingtonians who are under 30 are encouraged to take this short survey so we can see what policies you are passionate about having us advocate for as part of an Evergreen New Deal Package (additional background information below). However, we'd also love to have you join us for deeper discussions to hear why you care about those policies and how you think we can get it done. 

Apply to be a Washington Field Representative

Want to join our team of Field Representatives and organize with us to pass climate policy this summer? Apply to be a Field Representative today! Applications due June 10th.


We have been building up our field program over the last three years trying to pass climate policy in Washington State through ballot initiatives, bills in the legislature, and strikes. We're proud of the relationships we've built, the thousands of young people we have mobilized and engaged in the political process, and the policies we have been able to pass so far such as 100% Clean and Climate Pollution Limits. 

However, these policies do not go nearly far enough. Scientists say we have just ten years to drastically reduce our emissions in order to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change. It is clear that this is the year we need to pass bold, equitable, science-based, and comprehensive climate policy. 

That is why we are urging our elected officials to pass an "Evergreen New Deal". You've probably heard of the Green New Deal proposal which would tackle climate change and economic inequality on a national scale. Unfortunately, our current federal government is not one that would pass a Green New Deal.

That is why we are determined to take advantage of our more progressive local government here in the Evergreen State by proposing a state-level Green New Deal, and we need your help shaping it!

That is why we are gathering input from community partners and young Washingtonians through listening sessions and a survey to create a list of priorities we expect our legislators to fight for this year. Sign up to attend a listening session or take the survey below! 

Coalition Partners

Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

Environmental Priorities Coalition

Seattle Climate Strike Network 

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