We’re on a roll. Help us win groundbreaking climate policy.

2019 legislative sessions across the country have begun, and the race to enact science-based and equitable climate policy is on. Our Climate leaders have hit the ground runningand we need your support to get proposed policies over the finish line.

In the past week alone we have:

  • Brought over 70 students from across Massachusetts to the capitol for our first Youth Lobby Day of the year. Students met with 21 state representatives, and as of today, 79 representatives (!!) have signed on to cosponsor Representative Benson’s historic bill. The bill would put a rising fee on carbon pollution and invest in clean energy infrastructure.

  • Taken the Oregon State Capitol by a storm. Our Climate's co-founder Camila Thorndike joined our Oregon Fellows for 15 legislator meetings to advocate for a strong Clean Energy Jobs bill, which would cap greenhouse gas emissions and support a just transition to clean energy. The bill is expected to drop any day now, and it’s imperative that young leaders hold legislators’ feet to the fire and ensure the policy reduces emissions at the scale science demands.

In Washington, New York, Florida, Nebraska, and other states, our young leaders are organizing their communities, planning statewide advocacy days, and calling on lawmakers to hold polluters accountable. And we’re just getting started.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is now. It’s all hands on deck to enact strong state-level policies that will reduce emissions, accelerate the transition to clean energy, and lay the groundwork for federal climate action. Will you make a one-time donation to Our Climate's Policy Fund? Your gift will help us win at this pivotal time.

Thanks, as always, for being part of our team. Let’s do this!

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