We've won the Keeling Curve Prize!

We have exciting news to share!  Our Climate’s campaign to #PutAPriceOnIt has won the Keeling Curve Prize.

The Prize, named after the graph showing the increasing concentration of heat-trapping emissions, recognizes “the most promising projects that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase carbon uptake.”  By empowering young people to win carbon pricing policy, we are accelerating the transition to clean energy while supporting the next generation of climate leaders.  We are so grateful for YOU for being part of this youth-led movement.

Learn more about the Keeling Curve Prize, and the incredibly impressive group of leaders behind it, on their website. We are honored to be recognized alongside others who are working towards creative solutions to climate change that are informed by science.

Please help us celebrate the good news! We are nearly halfway to our goal of raising $5,000 to launch a nationwide youth climate solutions contest, #YouthStepUp, as part of the Global Climate Action Summit. Two generous supporters have come together to offer a matching gift, which means your donation will be doubled until July 15th! Please consider donating today to help us make it happen. 

PS: When it comes to Our Climate's work, the proof is in the pudding. Yesterday, we celebrated with our partners in Olympia, Washington as we turned in 375,000 signatures to qualify the first carbon fee and invest initiative in the country for the ballot. Our fellows worked hard all spring to collect over 5,000 signatures! Fellow Jade Lauw spoke at the press conference about her experience; share her call to action and join us as we #PutAPriceOnIt in Washington.

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