One of Our Climate's top priorities is training our student leaders to be effective policy advocates and fierce organizers. We provide in-house training and orientation to get these students off the ground and into the field. We realize, however, that all of us have so much to learn. To that end, we have developed a webinar series that will give students the best fellowship experience they can possibly have. Our hope is that these webinars will help students achieve the following:

  • Learn to foster and include multiple perspectives from the environmental and social justice community in our work.
  • Build a stronger and more diverse coalition of leaders through mutually educational and supportive arrangement needed to pass fair and effective climate policy.
  • Become effective policy advocates through high-level campus and community organizing and lobby opportunities.

Everyone has something worthwhile sharing. If you’d like to give a webinar presentation to our students, e-mail our Program Director at cassidy@ourclimate.us

Past speakers and collaborations:

Power Shift Network 

Anthony Rogers-Wright from Environmental Action

Kristin Eberhard from Sightline Institute

Bill McKibben from 350.org

Emily Wirzba from Friends Committee on National Legislation

Alex Bozmoski from RepublicEN 

Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Building Strategic Issue Campaigns: Kevin Lane from Organizing for Action

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