Students Across Massachusetts Urge State Leaders to Confront Climate Change and Back Carbon Pollution Pricing

Students Meet With Legislators to Discuss Carbon Pollution Pricing Legislation and Deliver Climate Art Mosaic


Boston, Massachusetts: Hundreds of youth from across Massachusetts, including students at Amherst College, Clark University, MIT, Northeastern, Lasell College, Boston University, Emerson College and preschools and high schools in the Boston area, delivered a message to state legislators to support carbon pricing today, a bipartisan climate solution to add a cost to climate pollution and incentive clean energy. As part of the youth lobby day, students created cardboard “tiles” with creative representations of each participant’s story of why they love Massachusetts and want to see it protected from climate change. The tiles included depictions of family, nature, skiing and renewable energy to name a few. This Youth Lobby Day took place two weeks days before the deadline for S.1821 and H.1726, two carbon pricing bills in the state legislature, to be reported out of the Telecommunications, Utilities and Electricity (TUE) committee. "I am thrilled to be a part of Youth Lobby Day because I think that carbon pricing is one of the most solid methods for combating climate change. It makes big polluters responsible for their actions, redistributes wealth and is feasible enough it is already being voted upon!" said Maddy Buchman, a student at Clark University.

Youth lobby day highlights the true costs of climate change, which affects the youngest generations the most. “The burden of those costs falls especially hard on young people. Carbon pollution pricing is the single most effective tool we have to encourage a shift toward more reliable and ultimately less expensive renewable energy, and to create a stronger economic foundation for the future,” said Cindy Luppi, the New England Director of Clean Water Action of the Clean Energy Future Coalition. Without climate solutions like carbon pricing, millennials are expected to lose nearly $8.8 trillion in lifetime income. By putting a price on carbon, polluters will be required to account for the true costs of fossil fuels and reduce emissions. Carbon pricing a powerful, bipartisan policy solution to reduce carbon pollution, stave off global warming and its catastrophic effects, and allow renewable energy to flourish.

“It is thrilling to see how excited young people in Massachusetts are for real climate action. This art project has united hundreds of students across the state who are concerned about climate change, and eager to build community and creatively rally for strong climate policy to protect our future,” said Carrie Cullen, a student at Emerson College and Our Climate organizer. “The scale and reach of Tuesday’s event demonstrated to legislators that we are ready for smart, swift action on this all-encompassing crisis, and that our state is poised to lead the nation with strong climate policy.”

The Massachusetts Mosaic and Lobby Day is sponsored by Our Climate, a youth-led organization that empowers the generations most affected by climate change to advocate for strong and equitable climate policy.  Our Climate leads the national Put A Price On It campaign in partnership with the Emmy award-winning Years of Living Dangerously documentary series.

Our Climate is part of Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, a growing coalition of environmental organizations, Massachusetts businesses, academic leaders, low-income advocates, and Town Energy committees all dedicated to a single goal: address the problem of climate change by putting a price on carbon here in Massachusetts.


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