Our Climate Student Leaders Respond to Trump's Paris Decision

Despite President Trump’s devastating decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, we are more resolved than ever to pass strong climate policy that will protect ours and future generations. Contrary to the President, we believe that the climate crisis is in fact an opportunity for American renewal.

The path to American and planetary renewal begins with a strong price on carbon pollution. This is why we are doubling down in our efforts to put a price on carbon pollution on the local, state, and federal level.

We are already paying the costs of climate change in our communities in terms of extreme weather, drought, ocean acidification, and more. It only makes sense that we make polluters pay for carbon pollution. In addition to protecting the health of people and communities, a well-designed carbon price acts as an economic incentive for individuals, communities, and businesses to make decisions that value our health and our planet over short-term profits. It levels the playing field for clean energy and catalyzes the creation of hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs.

Make no mistake: our generation will have to bear the highest costs of climate change as it worsens. We need to build power on our campuses and in our communities. We need to build relationships with our elected officials and make it clear that climate protection is a prerequisite for our support. We need to fight like hell for justice and American and planetary renewal.

Are you with us?

Our Climate Team and Fellows

Responses from the Generations Most Affected By Climate Change